Sulthan Bathery Circle

04935 - 220400

The Circle office started functioning on 01.01.1970 as per G. O. (Rt) No. 1832/Home Dated 23.11.1969. The jurisdiction of the Circle comprises Sulthan Bathery, Ambalavayal Police Stations and Sulthan Bathery Traffic Unit. Sulthan Bathery Police Station is the border station of Tamiladu and Karnataka States and Ambalavayal Police Station is the border station of Tamilnadu. The new Traffic Unit was opened on 01.04.2003. A Flying Squad also started functioning at traffic Unit on 07.06.2006 vide Order No. 142/Camp/2006. W. dated. 05.06.2006 of the Supdt.of Police, Wayanad. The whole of the Circle Jurisdiction extends to an area of 525 Sq. KM of that a major part of Sulthan Bathery Police Station includes Forest Area.

Sub Division - Mananthavady

Police Stations - Sulthan Bathery and Ambalavayal