Mananthavady Circle

04935 - 240235

Mananthavady is a growing town on the banks of Mananthavady Puzha a tributary of the Kabani River. The area was once ruled by the Pazhassi dynasty and the tomb of Pazhassi Raja is an important heritage site located in the heart of the town. The circle limit is enriched with pilgrim spots and with other important tourist places like Thirunelly Temple in Thirunelly police station limit and Valliyoorkavu temple in Mananthavady police station limit. The popular wild life sanctuary at Tholpetty is situated at Kerala- Karnataka boarder at about 35 Kms away from Mananthavady town.

The circle is having jurisdiction of Mananthavady, Thalapuzha, Vellamunda and Thirunelly Police stations and Traffic Unit Mananthavady. A police Aid Post at Kattikkulam within Thirunelly Police station limit is also functioning under this circle. The circle area sharing border with Kannur, Kozhikode districts and Karnataka state. Mananthavady Circle was formed on 01.05.1958 as per GO (MS) 473/Home (A) dated 24.10.1958 and as per the direction in chief office Endt. No. 628/S/R/58 dated 24.10.58. At the time of formation, this circle was under the direct supervision of SDPO Thalasseri in Kannur Police District. The Circle Office is now functioning in the Ground Floor of newly constructed building Mananthavady Police station compound which started functioning on 18.09.2014.

Sub Division - Mananthavady

Police Stations -Mananthavady, Thalappuzha,Vellamunda and Thirunelli