Kalpetta Circle

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Kalpetta circle was formed during the year 1986 as per GO.(Rt)No.285/86 Home Dtd.28.01.1986 and the office was inaugurated on 02.06.1986 in a rented building infront of SKMJ High School. According to that GO the Circle is having the jurisdiction of District Head Quarter Police Station Kalpetta, Kambalakad and Kenichira. The Circle Office was shifted to the newly constructed Police Station building on 06.11.1989 and functioned till 13.03.2006.As per the order contained in GO(Rt)No.8310/88 Home Dtd.18.10.1988(SRO)No.1299/99) a new Police Station was opened at Meenangadi on 09.02.1989 and re-organization of the Circle was made as per GO(MS)2784 Home Dtd.24.02.1994, it was ordered that all the Taluk Head Quarter Police Station being the District Head Quarter of Wayanad has got the status of a Police Station under the charge of a Circle Inspector. But the said GO, Kamblakad and Meenangadi Police Stations which were under Kalpetta Circle were re grouped under Meenangadi Circle and separated from Kalpetta Circle on 10.06.1994.

By the Govt. Order contained in Go(MS)No.138/94 Home Dtd.14.08.1994, many of Taluk Head Quarter Police Station in charge of Circle Inspector as SHO and re-grouping of Police Stations has also been made, changing the jurisdiction of Circle and Sub. Division. Accordingly Kalpetta Circle is again designated as Circle Head Quarters having Jurisdiction over Meppadi Police Station which was separated from Vythiri Circle and also over Kalpetta Police Station.The new Circle with the jurisdiction of Kalpetta Police Station and Meppadi Police Station come in existence on 02.10.1994.Now the Circle Office is functioning in the newly constructed office on the first floor of The Dy. Supdt. of Police, Kalpetta in front of Kalpetta Police Station from 13.03.2006.

Sub Division - Kalpetta

Police Stations - Kalpetta and Meppadi